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Malibu Cap

Little Renegade Company

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Malibu Cap

With its coconut tree pattern, it’s the perfect accessory when you’re just creating fun and relaxed moments with your young lad or lass. And made with breathable fabric, the cap keeps your child feeling fresh and comfy all day!

For double the fun, go twinning with your little one! The cap is available in three sizes!


** Please note that colours and sizing may vary slightly due to your monitor and production runs.

***Please measure your child's head before ordering to ensure the correct size. Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept returns.***

Suggested ages:

Mini Size (42-48cm) for babies, Midi Size (47-53cm) for toddlers, Maxi Size (52-58cm) for school kids and adults

Suggested ages are for a guide only. Please refer to the size chart when possible as all children's head circumferences are different.